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How To Include Your Pet In your Wedding?

When two animal lovers get engaged, there is often one question on your mind – how can you include your pet in a wedding? Your wedding day is a special day for you and your partner to share with your loved ones. This can include friends, family, children and, not forgetting, fur babies!

If you have a pet with a special place in your heart, then there are various ways that you can get them involved in your wedding! Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat person or maybe even a bunny enthusiast, having pets participate in your wedding is becoming a more and more popular trend!

If you’re seriously thinking about ways you can get your furry pal in on the action of sharing your vows but aren’t quite sure how we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of fun and quirky suggestions to give you some food for thought, your dog a bone, your parrot some… seeds?

Take a look!

Announcing your wedding

Before the actual wedding can take place, your guests need to know about it! A lovely and alternative save the date option could include a photoshoot with your pet. This can be a really fun and lighthearted way of inviting your guests, and you’re free to get as creative as you want. It could also save you time and getting cramp in your hand from writing out all of your cards!

The ring barker

Your furry (or maybe even scaley) friend is a big part of your life together and shares a lot of the love that you and your partner have for each other. The role of the ring bearer is traditionally taken by either the best man or a child from your family, but if you’d like to opt for something a little more alternative then why not choose your pet? After all, pets are often described as being close to having a child of your own!

Meow of Honour

Having your pet involved in your wedding day is an easy choice for a lot of animal lovers. But, perhaps, the biggest role you can give your pet is to have them as your maid of honor! As long as your pet is comfortable within a group of people and chill about having lots of photos taken, then there’s no reason you can’t have your favourite pal stand with you at the altar!

Doggy bags

Whether you’d like to send your wedding guests home with a slice of wedding cake each, or maybe even make gift bags for your friends’ pooches, a doggy bag is a perfect way to do it! You can decorate them however you choose, possibly even including your own pet’s paw print!

Start your day with a good walk

Taking a walk with your pet on the morning of your wedding day can be a great way to relieve stress and calm nerves. Pets are natural stress busters and walking early in the morning will work wonders for getting your endorphins going! Why not take half an hour for yourself and your pet on the morning of your wedding day to go for a stroll together and prepare yourself for the day ahead with your best friend?


If you have an animal that is large and strong enough to carry a small camera, such as a go-pro, why not make a unique video of your big day from your pets-eye view?! The video will not only give you an amazing and hilarious insight into your big day from your pet’s focus but will give you a lasting keepsake of your wedding day.

Walk with them down the aisle

As long as your pet doesn’t have a nervous temperament, walking with them down the aisle to your love is a gorgeous way of involving them in your big day. This creates some beautiful memories and gorgeous photos.

Have a location wedding

If you have a huge love of animals and want to incorporate this into your wedding day, why not have a location wedding? Farm weddings are very popular but you could also go for an alternative location, such as next to a duck pond or in a butterfly garden. This way, you can share your day with various animals!

Pet inspired cock-atoo-tails

If you’re thinking about offering a signature cocktail for your wedding guests, why not consider a meow-tai or a barkardi and coke? Your pets can help to inspire a trademark drink for your day in a way that all your guests can enjoy!

Family photos

Your pet is a beloved member of your family, so as long as they aren’t camera shy, it’s an adorable idea to make sure you have some photos taken with them on your big day! This lets you involve your pet in your wedding celebrations and also gives you some amazing memories to keep on your mantelpiece.

Have dog toys out for your guests to play with your pup

Why should humans get to have all the fun? If you’ve got a toy loving, the sociable dog then why not lay out a toy basket for your guests to play with them? Better yet, why not make your dog’s day with a ball pit or a collective tennis ball throw?!

A thank you card

When involving your pet in your wedding day, it’s important to consider the temperament of your pet, the venue, and your guests. There are many wonderful ways to have your pet take part in your wedding celebrations, whether they can physically be there or not. Get creative, share the joy and love you have for your pet and make your day truly special for your newly wedded family, paws n’ all!