Elderflower Events

Are you inspired to offer your farm location as a wedding or event venue?

Elderflower Events offer a fully managed service. Would you like a conversation to help understand what’s involved and what we do?

Please contact roz@elderflowerevents.com with the following information:

  • Your location / address
  • Your telephone contact details and the best time(s) to reach you
  • Details on on-site amenities
  • Proximity to local churches and accommodation
  • Special location features / attractions
  • Any photos of the site

Let’s talk Food!

Weddings aren’t only about style, they are also about decor, attire, entertainments and of course tasty food and drinks. Make your wedding more special with these trends!

Grazing Boards

Forget catering waiters carrying hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour because grazing boards are all the rage for 2020 weddings! The DIY approach to appetisers is a great way to create an intimate setting that gets your guests chatting and feeling cosy. Plus, the spreads are seriously gorgeous! Serve various types of salami and sausages, cheese and fruit, nuts and crackers and everything else you think is proper here – choose your favourite tastes! This is a great idea that won’t leave anyone indifferent and such boards look very yummy, no special decor is needed here.

Pizza Bars and Vans

Pizzas for the win! Most of us totally love them, so why not create such a station for your wedding or have a van pop over. Choose your favourite flavours or serve all different types to please everyone, vegetarians and gluten-free included. You may choose various plates and other items to serve them, but a good idea is to place pizzas on warmers to keep them hot all the time – who loves cold ones?

Hand-painted Wedding Cakes

If we were, to sum up, the 2020 wedding trends in one phrase, it would be attention to detail. No trend illustrates this better than hand-painted wedding cakes, which are as delicious to look at as they are to eat! From watercolour flowers to masterpieces of abstract colour, this might just be the sweetest trend of the year! There are all kinds, looks and colours for all the wedding themes and styles, and though naked cakes seemed to be here forever, hand-painted beauties are catching up with them.